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I know a lot of people will skip this page and that's fine but I figured I might as well put this up.


Q: Can I have more than one default replacement?
A: Yes and no. You can have a mesh replacement and a texture replacement as long as the mesh replacement does NOT contain any textures. If, however, it does then you must pick one or the other.

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: I'm insane and it seemed like the perfectly logical thing to do since there are a lot of default replacements coming out for objects lately. It also provides everyone with options, not everyone has the same play style. Hopefully with this database everyone can find something for their gaming styles.

I got most of my icons from sims2marktplatz and Sugah's Place. The spinning plumb bob and read me icon I found off of a google search.
The wonderful people who take the time to do these defaults because I know just how time consuming it is. If you use their defaults a simple thanks would be nice.
A huge thanks to Zombies Who Speak Simlish for all the wonderful links she gave me to help me complete this project.
Also a huge thank you to the people over in sims2chat! They have listened to me complain and whine while setting all this up. They've also given me feedback on how pages were set up. So a huge THANK YOU to voleste, ja, jen, nepheris, onesimmore, tanguska, justsimaround, yandereplum, pikkon, and all the others! You guys make my day!


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