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I think I got most of the stuff updated but as I've had problems logging into the account for almost a year, I've probably missed some stuff. If you'd like to help out post the links in the area that the object pertains to. Thank you to all the wonderful people who kept up with the links while I was having personal issues but the journal should *knocks on wood* be back in working order. That will teach me to change the password before I have to go AWOL!
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Once again thanks to Currantpotpie for keeping me up to date on all her links. It makes this so much easier.

I'm currently moving images around and it's taking longer than I thought it would. I'm also finding more stuff as I go. However, over the next week stuff will be shuffled around but don't worry it should all basically look the same. I've got all the new defaults out there and 6 pages updated. I'm hoping this fixes the issues with the bandwidth. It's just a lot of shuffling and there's other things I want to do besides spend long periods of time moving pictures, etc.

Anywho, if you come across any broken links let me know, so I can fix them. :)
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I would like to say a huge thanks to currantpotpie who linked to all the stuff they did during my month hiatus from the site. I really appreciate it and it kept me from searching high and low.

Anyone is free to do this as I miss a lot of the default updates.

You can also post CEP - Extra finds here!

If you've found some maxis match add ons please post them in their respective category here!

Any miscellaneous defaults you make or come across goes in this section here!

If I have missed any of the links that were posted during my hiatus please put a link here to what I missed. Who knew there would be so much stuff in a month and so much stuff that I missed the first time around.


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